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Smithsfield Clinic is a frontline, private clinic offering a range of services related to the assessment and treatment of various learning, emotional, behavioural, mental health and other psychological difficulties. We also offer neuroaffirmative assessment, consultation, therapy and other support services for those with neurodevelopmental differences.

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Our aim is to help our clients develop skills that are crucial to living a rich, meaningful, value-based life.



The purpose of a consultation is to gather relevant information pertaining to the client’s presenting problem, and to use this information to decide on the best course of action.



Our team can assess for a range of different specific learning difficulties (e.g., dyslexia) intellectual disability, neurodevelopmental differences (e.g., autism, ADHD), mental health concerns (anxiety, depression) as well as a host of many other emotional behavioural difficulties that may arise in combination with some of the above occurring.


Our clinicians treat a range of difficulties in transdiagnostic ways which means that even if you have not, or do not wish to seek a diagnosis, we can still treat many concerns you might have based on how it affects a person’s life (anxiety, depression, experiences of bullying, low self-esteem, bereavement, trauma and more). We offer therapy in person and online.

Parenting Courses

Our parenting courses aim to assist parents of children who experience anxiety and various other emotional/behavioural difficulties. Our parenting courses are usually in person but since the pandemic, we have begun offering these courses online also.

Sometimes the best way to support your children is to learn specific skills for use in the home setting. We aim to train parents evidence-based ways to actually help their child in long term ways to grow their best lives, rather than just avoiding conflict or anxiety in temporary ways.


Social and Emotional Skills Groups

Teaching these skills is exactly what we do during our social skills group sessions. We develop perspective-taking, self-awareness, and mindfulness skills, to name but a few. Our clinic uses neurodiversity-affirming practices, so when we say “social skills” we are actually referring to “values guided social behaviours” – we help children to be their authentic selves (unmask) safely in ways that work to cultivate what matters most to them in interpersonal relationships.

We call our childhood skills’ groups MAGPIES but we also offer other groups for teenagers and adults when the demand is there for this. In addition, we collaborate with research partners to run additional groups for research purposes.


Behaviour Support

These sessions can be conducted either in the clinic or at the family home, whichever is preferable to the client. Please click on this section for details about the process and pricing.


NECOA Irish Midlands

NECOA is our newest service. This is an intensive outpatient assessment and treatment program for OCD and severe anxiety using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). This service has oversight by Dr Lisa Coyne in Boston Massachusetts at NECOA, Boston.

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Our team consists of highly experienced, Educational, Counselling and Clinical Psychologists who operate predominantly from a contextual behavioural perspective.

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