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Book Club is an inclusive and accessible online group. It is facilitated by trained ACT therapists. Our aim is to provide education on ACT therapy while accessing extra connection and support in a fun and friendly way. This is not specifically intended to be a therapy group, but it is intended to be a great complement to those that are attending therapy, have attended therapy in the past, are considering attending therapy or may be on a waiting list for therapy. It is not intended to be a replacement for therapy. If you need more intensive therapeutic support, please be aware that Book Club alone will not be sufficient for that purpose.

Book selections will be chosen to inspire and to educate participants or to promote new ways of thinking or flexible alternative solutions for looking at the world. Some of the book choices may be of the self-help variety and some may be novels or indeed other genres that may seem appropriate or desirable. If there is an audio version and participants prefer to access the book in this manner, that is absolutely fine. The purpose of Book Club is not actually reading. The purpose of Book Club is for people to get together online and talk about the ideas in the book in safe and supportive ways.

We will meet once a week and talk about the assigned reading. All sessions will be held virtually. If someone hasn’t had a chance to read the selected chapters, we would encourage them to still come that week. They can always catch up on the reading later, though we do encourage them to catch up on the reading. People will never ever be in trouble if they don’t get a chance to read the chapters. We just think they’ll get more out of the discussions if they’ve actually had a chance to read and think about the book.

Other benefits of Book Club may include making some friends. Of course we can’t promise this but we do think that in discussing the books, they might find some people that they can share ideas with in semi-structured spaces that are led by compassionate and friendly ACT therapists. Book Club will be guided, to a certain extent, by the group leader(s) so there won’t be a requirement on the participants to know what to do or say in every given moment. The group leader(s) will ask for opinions on chapters/ideas in the book and participants can volunteer their opinions or indeed they can stay quiet and just if they prefer. If people prefer to leave their camera off, that is also fine. We don’t mind. We think that others might like to see peoples’ faces, but we understand that there may be times when people are doing other things or maybe other people are in the house or maybe it just doesn’t suit to have the camera on. So that will be entirely up to each participant. We honestly don’t mind. We just want to people to show up.

Current Book

The book for the upcoming Book club is Stuff that’s Loud; A Guide to Unspiralling When OCD Gets Noisy by Drs Ben Sedley and Lisa Coyne.

The Current Book Club is pitched at persons that have experienced either OCD or anxiety or even just have had thoughts that were very hard to “unstick” themselves from. We will be running an adolescent group and a young adults group. The adolescent group will have people from the ages of 14-18. The adults group will have folks from 18 to mid-twenties. The price for these groups will be between €150 and €200 and this price depends on how long the group runs for and how many sign up.

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