Accommodations & Exemptions

Accommodations / Exemptions

Depending on the outcome of an assessment, students may be entitled to one or several accommodations and support in the classroom and around exams. This is not an exhaustive list, but many of the supports listed below are commonly obtained by people who receive various diagnoses.

Those with a specific learning difficulty (i.e., dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia) may be entitled to:

  • An exemption from the study of Irish at primary and/or post primary level.
  • An individual reader.
  • A reading assistant.
  • An exam reading pen.
  • A spelling, grammar, and punctuation waiver.

Those with a hearing difficulty may be entitled to:

  • Modified aural examination.
  • Exemption from aural examination.
  • Priority seating.

Those with a visual difficulty may be entitled to:

  • An individual reader.
  • A reading assistant.

The following is a list of possible ways in which the timing of the examination may be modified to meet a candidate’s needs:

  • Additional Time.
  • Adjustment to Examination Timetable.
  • Rest Breaks.
  • Alterations to the Standard Timetable.

Accommodations that can be arranged by School Authorities:

  • Exemption from studying a second/European language – students do not have to take a second/European language in order to attend third level education; please note, however, that some third level institutions and/or courses do require a second language. Please visit the website of the relevant third level institution to ensure eligibility will not be affected.
  • Allowing candidate to move/stretch within the centre.

Special Examination Centres:

  • Special examination centres may be provided in the case of candidates who cannot be accommodated in main examination centres for a variety of reasons, from needing the assistance of scribes and readers to having particular emotional and behavioural needs.

For a full list and details, please see here.

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