Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support with one of our Behaviour Analysts

This service is delivered by Dr Kelly Larkin, Ms Shannan Eidman, Ms Julianne Bell, Dr Roberta Hines, Ms Joeleen Lynch or Ms Charlene Moore. You will be assigned a behaviour analyst based on your family’s needs and also based on therapist availability. You can also absolutely request a specific therapist but please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee the availability of any one specific behaviour analyst as we are operating a waiting list for most of our services at present. In addition, you are also always welcome to switch to a different therapist if your circumstances or times of availability change or indeed if you simply prefer to switch. Each therapist may have slightly different ways of working (e.g., some of our therapists are working only remotely, others may only be available during 9-5 working hours, whereas others may only be available during evenings).

Behaviour Support Services Sample


Initial Meeting – €100/hour.


Review Data and Indirect Assessments – €100/hour.


Behaviour Support Plan implemented – €170/hour.

WEEK 4+:

Review Date – €100/hour.


Additional Case Consultation where input from other members of the team is deemed necessary or helpful to speed up the efficacy or comprehensiveness of the support – €150/hour.


* Please note: the weeks may not be consecutive, depending on the preference of the family.


WEEK 1: Initial Meeting

In the initial meeting, background information and “challenging behaviour” or the skill is discussed. This meeting will narrow down the ‘goal’ that parents would like to work on with their child. Parents will be asked to collect data on the behaviour to help the behaviour therapist understand situations, as to when it occurs, frequency, duration etc.

WEEK 2: Review of Data and Indirect Assessments

In this meeting, the behaviour therapist will read through the data and discuss with parents. Indirect assessments include the Functional Assessment Interview (FAI) and Functional Assessment Screening Tool (FAST). These consist of various questions to gather more information about their child and the behaviour or skill.

WEEK 3: Implementation of Behaviour Support Plan (BSP)

In this meeting, the behaviour therapist will have:

  • A BSP assessment which compiles the information gathered from previous meetings.
  • A BSP which consists of proactive strategies, reactive strategies, a direct intervention to intervene with a challenging behaviour or teach a skill (i.e., a new behaviour) and the materials needed.

The behaviour therapist can model how the BSP will be implemented with their child. Parents will be asked to record data over the next coming weeks in order to monitor the progress.

WEEK 4+: Review of Data

In the subsequent meetings, the behaviour therapist will collect the data and illustrate it on a graph to visually analyse and monitor the strategies in the BSP. The behaviour therapist will make changes to the BSP based on the data recorded by parents. If parents are finding difficulties in implementing the BSP, the behaviour therapist can look into visiting the family home and modelling and observing parents implement the BSP.

If there are any questions about fees, please do not hesitate to contact Smithsfield Clinic.

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