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At Smithsfield Clinic, we offer only evidence-based psychotherapies in individual and group settings. We treat persons from a wide range of ages and stages, with a wide range of reasons for seeking support. When someone initially approaches us for therapy, we will ask the person (or their parents or guardians or appropriate other carers) to complete some referral information. We will also request any previous relevant professional reports. We will often ask the person to complete some checklists to help us to decide what type and how much therapy is warranted or indeed, if perhaps therapy might not be warranted at all, we will let the persons know this. We will then decide on a block of standard therapy to best treat the presenting issues if appropriate to do so. Some people presenting may need a more intensive level of support for severe mental health difficulties. Others can be successfully treated in our outpatient setting. We do offer telehealth and if persons prefer sessions over zoom, this can be arranged. We also offer Virtual Reality Therapy for those that have not found regular talk therapy to be as accessible. However, we usually offer this as an adjunct, rather than a replacement for talk therapy. This can be discussed with your attending clinician as needed.

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