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As Smithsfield Clinic we provide a wide range of assessment types. Some of these assessments include the assessments of specific learning difficulties (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia), intellectual disabilities (previously known as general intellectual difficulty or general learning difficulty), emotional behavioural difficulties, mild to moderate mental health difficulties (e.g., depression, anxiety), general coping supports following changes in life, bereavements, separation, bullying. More recently, we have added a highly specialised assessment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety and related conditions. We also provide initial checklists to determine if further assessment in any area of neurodevelopmental difficulties may be warranted. Finally, we provide comprehensive assessment for neurodevelopmental differences such as ADHD and Autism. Sometimes, even after these comprehensive assessments have been conducted, there are still follow up assessments that we may recommend. If we can do these assessments in our clinic, we will let you know. However, if there is a HSE service that can provide this assessment for free, we will also advise you of this. In fact, if at any time, there is a free public health service that you can avail of, we will always notify you of this so long as we are aware of it.

We are proud to be neuroaffirmative assessors. All of our clinicians have done additional training in understanding neurodivergence and in being respectful and inclusive in all of our practices.

We firmly believe that different does not mean “less than”. If you feel that there is something we can do to improve our skills in these areas, please do let us know. We are happy to receive any feedback which will improve the experience of the individuals and families who attend us.

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