Cost of Services


Service Type Prices (1)
Child Adult
Consultation €100 per 50 min session €100 per 50 min session
Standard Therapy €100 per 50 min session €100 per 50 min session
Consultation with Dr. Cassidy €150 per 50 min session €150 per 50 min session
Therapy with Dr. Cassidy €150 per 50 min session €150 per 50 min session
NECOA Therapy (2) €150 per 50 min session €150 per 50 min session
NECOA Assessment Starts at €800 (3) Starts at €800 (3)
Psycho-educational Assessment €800 €850
Intellectual Disability Assessment €800 €850
Cognitive & Behavioural Assessment (C+B) €1000 €1050
Cognitive plus Behavioural Assessment extended (C+B+) Starts at €1,200 (4) Starts at €1,250 (4)
ADHD Assessment €1,600 €1,650
Autism Assessment Starts at €1,600 with no IQ assessment (5)
Bespoke Assessments To be discussed with the attending clinician (6)

Please note that all assessment prices include a written report. There are no written reports produced for therapy or consultation sessions. If families require a written confirmation of therapy sessions having taken place or a written progress report, this can be discussed with the attending clinician but generally reports are only provided where a formal assessment has taken place. Any such occurrences will be billed according to clinicians time spent on preparing additional written materials. Please also note that our reports may be used for accessing additional supports from the school system or in support of applications for further supports via the school or health system. However, consultations required with school staff or other outside parties will incur standard consultation fees. If there are any additional administrative needs (e.g., a letter confirming a person’s attending service or additional letters over and above the written report stating that a person needs something additional relating to exemptions or special accommodations), these generally incur an administrative fee. Please also note that this clinic does not and will not ever email a report to any third parties or indeed to families who have accessed the assessment here. This is for your protection and we do not deviate from this policy under any circumstance. Once you have received your copy of the report in the post, it is at your discretion if you wish to scan and email it to schools or external bodies, but unfortunately, we are not comfortable with this practice as it goes against our best practice advice for protecting client data. As such, we will only print one hard copy of your report and post this to you at the address provided on your referral form. If, at the time of the assessment, you are aware that a second parent at a different address or another professional for whom the assessment information might be necessary, we are happy to post a second or even third copy to those persons in question. However, after that initial posting of the original report, additional copies required for other parties or to replace a copy that has been misplaced by a school or a family will incur an additional administrative cost.


(1) Please note that the above figures are only guide prices as of November 2023 and they may be increased from time to time.

(2) Our NECOA assessments include the Diamond which is the Diagnostic Interview for Anxiety, Mood and Obsessive Compulsive and Related Neuropsychiatric Disorders. All of our NECOA therapists have received intensive and specialist training in administering this assessment and providing treatment for these types of presentations. To our knowledge, Smithsfield Clinic and NECOA Irish Midlands are the only service in the country to offer this specific type of assessment and treatment.

(3) For a 2 hour assessment plus clinicians time if assessment requires more than 2 hours of the initial assessment.

(4) Price can increase depending on how many other areas are screened for.

(5) Price can be as much as €2000 (with IQ assessment) for both adult and child but this price can vary considerably depending on how much assessment has already been completed and whether or not there are other areas that warrant further assessment (e.g., adaptive behaviour assessment, attentional capacity, language skills, educational attainments, etc).

(6) Bespoke assessments are tailor made to fit your needs. Human beings don’t always fit into the nice neat boxes that we’ve outlined here. Some people require assessments in multiple domains. Our clinicians will always advise you on which assessments appear to be necessary but we will only assess in the areas agreed upon by the person commissioning the assessment (e.g., parents or school) and the attending clinician. Please also know that if you are booked in for one type of assessment, and it becomes clear that another type of assessment or additional assessment is warranted, we will let you know and discuss the matter with you as/when/if these situations arise. Bespoke assessments are generally composed of the assessments listed above in whichever combination seems necessary or beneficial for the person attending the clinic.

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