Social Welfare Supports

Available Social Welfare Supports

Depending on the outcome of an assessment, parents, caregivers, relatives, and/or adults may be entitled to one of several of the following supports. This is not an exhaustive list, but many of the supports listed below are commonly obtained by people who receive various diagnoses.

Carer’s Allowance

This is a payment provided to those on a low income, who are providing full-time care and attention to someone needing support due to age, disability, or a physical/ mental illness.

For more information, please see here.

Carer’s Benefit

This is a payment made to insured people who may be required to leave work/reduce their working hours to care for a person/people in need of full-time care.

For more information, please see here.

Carer’s Support Grant

This is an annual payment made to carers who receive Carer’s Allowance, Carer’s Benefit, or Domiciliary Care Allowance.

For more information, please see here.

Domiciliary Care Allowance

This is a monthly payment provided for a child with a severe disability. It is based on the impact of the disability.

For more information, please see here.


The information and links provided here are current as of July 2022, please check regularly for updated information.

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