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Our parenting course aims to assist parents of children who experience anxiety and various other emotional/behavioural difficulties. This specific course was designed by Harvard Medical School’s Clinical Psychologist Dr Lisa Coyne and Licensed Behaviour Analyst, Dr Evelyn Gould and colleagues. Uniquely, Smithsfield Clinic has been given express permission to run this course as Dr Coyne and Dr Gould have trained the Smithsfield Clinic Team members in facilitating this course. In addition, Dr Cassidy and Dr Coyne are co-authoring several upcoming books ACT for children books on the treatment of childhood anxiety. Drs Coyne, Gould and Cassidy are also collaborating on various training and treatment endeavours using ACT and ERP. See our NECOA section for more information. As such, Smithsfield Clinic is the only clinic in this country offering this precise evidence-based parent training course.

It is our hope that this group parenting workshop can provide some practical and effective strategies for parents when they observe their children encountering difficulties in relation to anxiety and other related developmental challenges. How parents respond in difficult situations will often shape how a child behaves the next time a provoking situation or thought arises. The techniques that will be outlined in this course are from the mindfulness-based modern behavioural therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

This therapy has been shown to be a very effective treatment method for persons of all ages facing a variety of different types of distress, ranging from typical everyday stressors to diagnosed clinical disorders. ACT has a large and growing body of published empirical support in peer-reviewed journals, nationally and internationally, and is known to be particularly effective at treating anxiety.

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