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At Smithsfield Clinic we are so excited to launch a highly specialised intensive outpatient assessment and treatment service for OCD and anxiety-related conditions. This service will be available from January 2022. NECOA Irish Midlands branch is a new branch of Dr Lisa Coyne’s original New England Centre for OCD and Anxiety (NECOA) service in Boston Massachusetts and a sister service to NECOA LA ( Our entire team receive weekly supervision with Dr Lisa Coyne and with Dr Evelyn Gould in the assessment and intensive treatment of OCD using ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and ERP (exposure and response prevention). If persons approaching the clinic either already know that they have OCD or severe anxiety or if at intake, it seems that they might, they will be channelled to a member of our NECOA Irish Midlands Branch team. The person will initially be assessed using the Diamond testing tool and may also be assessed using other tools (CY-BOCS, Y-BOCS, ASEBA) as appropriate. The fee for assessment may vary depending on how much assessment has already been done and how much assessment is now needed. Fees for therapy are in addition to this assessment fee and are generally charged at €150 per hour. While most of our regular Smithsfield therapy sessions are weekly and are charged at €100 per session, NECOA sessions are charged at €150 per session and may be scheduled twice weekly. This will be decided between the clinician and the attendee after the initial intake. Once someone has been channelled through to the NECOA service, it is assumed that their OCD or anxiety are more ingrained, requiring a higher intensity treatment and generally requiring more sessions and over a longer period of time. More information on NECOA can be found at More information on OCD and anxiety can be found in our downloadable packs.

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